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Three ideas for Halloween makeup

If you don't have any idea of how could be your makeup this Halloween or you think it's too complicated, we bring you 3 easy ideas to get a funny and perfect make up! 

Try the option you like the most


This is a typical mexican character for the Dead's day. It's an attractive option because of its colors and joy. 

You must apply a white base color on your face, then with black paint, frame your eyes, nose and mouth. Finish it, giving your own creativity making decorative shapes with bright colors like yellow, pink, green or red. 


It's a very popular choice among makeup options. Although we always think about covering all the face, this time we advise you to paint only half face and leave the other half with a natural or soft makeup. 

For this, you only need a white base color on half of your face. Then apply black paint around your eye, nose and mouth, drawing teeth on it. 


If you're a superheroes lover, this is an ideal option for you. You just need red and black paint. 

To start, you can do a basic makeup where your eyes take all the protagonism with a good amount of black mascara and red shades to match the eyemask. 

You can take a look of a picture of the spider woman mask. Start drawing the holes in the eyes with black paint, then apply red paint from the middle of the nose upwards and give the final touch drawing the texture of a spiderweb on the red paint. 



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